My TEDx Academy 2016 experience


I think that this post  is out of the field of fashion. Anyway. October started  with the best way for me. At the 1st of the month I went to Athens Concert Hall for the seventh event of TEDx Academy. The project was : Reimagine Greece / Greece in 2030. How you imagine Greece in 2030? 19 speakers from all over the world tried to answer to this question. They were unique and each one represented a different sector. However, all they had the same goal : to present the way that Greece will be 14 years from now. I learned a lot about the new greek platforms like safe water sports and trip in view , education , refugee issue , art, music , physics and more. I am really blessed that events like this happen in Greece. I really believe that you have to go to a TEDx event like this.

Some of the speakers.

Το σλάιντ απαιτεί την χρήση JavaScript.

The hall.


How I look ? (hahaha!)


My gift bag.

I wrote a letter to myself and I put it into a glass go Coca Cola ( Coca Cola company was a big sponsor of the event) They told me to open it after 14 years  (2030) . What you think I wrote? (think!)


Look how many volunteers worked for this event!



It was an excellent experience for me! Hope to see you on next TEDx event!

x Vallia.


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