Tunics for autumn

Last Sunday morning I went for brunch with a friend. We chose The Clumsies because I really like this place. The design of this cafe-bar is absolutely unique and there you can enjoy  high quality of coffee. As you know autumn is a perfect season for Sunday-brunching because the weather is not balanced,the winter starts and you want to be on winter mood gradually. However, in autumn I don’t know what to wear…I might want to wear warm blouses but I feel the heat on my feet at the same time or the other way around. So, the best choice for autumn is the tunic! Floral, with stripes or cart … tunics are back in fashion! You can find my floral tunic here.





Tunic : Zara // Shoes : Vans // Clutch : Steve Madden // Sunglasses : Ray-Ban // Chocker : Stradivarius //  Watch : Michael Kors

Find your tunic for this autumn as soon as it is possible!

x Vallia.


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