Superstar : the 80’s edition

Hey hey!

Back to Athens again. Back to work. Back to reality. This is my new post post after my recent trip in London. When I was there I tried to find what is in fashion . I went for shopping in many places and I discovered many new trends for this spring. The trend that I’m really interested about is the 80’s comeback. This ‘gold’ period is back for good! Clothes, shoes and accessories are now based on 80’s. I chose to buy a pair of shoes with metallic details. I bought a special-80s edition of Adidas’classic ‘superstar’ model . So, I created a total outfit with these perfect shoes to show you how you can put easily an 80’s detail to your daily look.

Song for this article : Bishop Briggs – River 






IMG_0531 2.jpg

Outfit details: Top: Intimissimi // jerkin: Zara // Jean : Zara // Clutch: Zara // Watch: Oxette // Sunglasses : Marc by Marc Jacobs // Shoes : Adidas Superstar.

Photo Credits : Afroditi Panagiotopoulou

See you soon! x Vallia






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