Coral Castillo at Athens Exclusive Designers Fashion Week.

It was such a great opportunity for me to meet and work with Coral and Kathryn , the producer of OC Fashion Week. Coral is a talented young woman who had the chance to present her beautiful and unique designs in Greece for the first time. She was a guest designer at Athens Exclusive Designers Fashion Week! Maybe you don’t know , but here in Greece this event is very famous. Every year is the talk of the town at November because the top of the greek designer with some other guest , just like Coral , have the chance to present their collection to the biggest fashion event of Greece.

Coral’s designs impressed the crowd owing to their perfect details. It’s high hem clothes that make a woman feel special when wearing it. That was exactly what I noticed when I was watching the models during the fitting. They were feeling special and they enjoyed the fitting time. This is a really difficult thing to achieve.

As a person who love fashion , I have to say that Coral is one of the most humble person that I have ever met. She loves her job and she creates wonderful clothes based on her feelings and mindset. I believe that one day see will be on the top of fashion work. She definitely deserves it!



x Vallia.

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